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Making life easier: 360º development for leaders in pension plans


An in depth analysis is always the key to understanding a user – we had to put ourselves in their shoes and follow their online route and experience. Which keywords do they use? Where do they use them? And how can we be the first item to appear in this search? 

Besides the improved user experience, we are backing the SEO strategy with earned, paid and owned media to broaden the reach and brand positioning. Something crucial to take into consideration in the present digital landscape. 

The results were great. Not only were we able to slow down the decrease in organic visibility, we were actually able to bring it to the highest point in the company’s SEO history. And just half a year later, we’ve managed to break the record for organic webpage visits.

After slowing the decline in organic visibility, we were able to bring it to the highest point in the company’s SEO recorded history.

We believe in strong relationships with our clients, and we are still working in close collaboration with the VidaCaixa Communication and Brand team, providing them with everything from consultancy, management and analytics to campaigns, promotions, audiovisuals. And from our online reputation analysis, we can see the impact of our actions and create new opportunities.

Agile Digital Intelligence