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Grup Peralada

In Casinos Grup Peralada, our primary value is excellence in customer service. With Runroom we have found the opportunity to bring our business values to the digital world, to explore new technologies and to share our content and programming with clients, both existing and potential. It is always a pleasure to work with professional and methodical teams that offer a vision from the user’s perspective, which is of high added value. We have absolute trust in Runroom as a partner to help us reach our objectives in the digital environment and in 360 degree marketing. A safe bet!

Jordi Bernet Commercial and Marketing Director, Casinos Grup Peralada

Grup Peralada casinos offer a world of entertainment that combines fine cuisine, live music, shows and gambling in their three centres: Casino Barcelona, Casino Tarragona and Casino Peralada.

Jordi Bernet, Commercial and Marketing Director of Grup Peralada casinos, came to Runroom with a clear and concise project brief: “to redo the websites belonging to the group’s leisure division in order to improve the brand’s online image, increase visits and secure user loyalty”.

We were faced with a complex network of digital platforms and tools, and with the challenge of managing the expectations and requirements of each area director. We decided to start with an Inception of project arrivals to ensure that all directors and leisure division managers were in agreement on the common goals, reached an understanding on how to prioritise them and designed a roadmap that they needed to follow.

After conducting a thorough analysis of user behaviours and the key features and events held at each centre in order to identify the risks and priorities, we defined a common architecture that would offer the best user experience. On a design level, we have restyled the offline and online iconography and have also adapted the visual identity of each casino to digital means, by suggesting graphic customisation of each website which is both 100% responsive and also adheres to the overall brand identity.

On a technical level, we developed a ticketing system which is tailor-made for the management of tournament and event tickets. We chose Symfony because of its flexibility and ability to adapt to the unique functionalities of each centre, with this decision also allowing for integration with the group’s Systems Department and CRM. By doing this we have been able to optimise content management through a single CMS that allows for streamlined and immediate management of all information for the 3 casinos.

The client’s commitment to Agile methodologies was rewarded by their satisfaction with the results, with their participation and dedication at all stages of the digital transformation process being crucial. Bravo for that!

We will also present the new website of the CEP (Spanish Poker Championship), and the integrated Grup Peralada Member new website, the management and information platform for the group’s loyalty system, based on a membership card with personalised advantages for members which allows them to simultaneously log in to all casino platforms.

At the same time, we are also working on Peralada Resort, one of the Grup Peralada’s line of business, particularly on the new websites for Castell Peralada, Castell Peralada Restaurant  and Hotel Peralada Wine, Spa &Golf that are already online. But this warrants a separate case study ;-)

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