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Hospital Clínic

I would recommend Runroom with absolutely no hesitation. And the three reasons for this are how reliable they proved themselves to be, their credibility in all commitments and for the positive final result of the project we did together.

David Vidal Chief of Information Officer, Hospital Clínic

Hospital Clínic, a university hospital founded in Barcelona in 1906, offers complete practices in medical specialties and surgeries in the fields of assistance, teaching and research.

Faced with a growing demand for reliable and rigorous health information (60% of Spaniards search for health information online) and the need to manage the distrust generated by misinformation and the dubious credibility of sources available online (only 38% of users trust their online search results), Hospital Clínic, in collaboration with the BBVA Foundation, recognized the need to create a trustworthy, reliable digital health information platform.

The project has three objectives:

  • Share the institution’s knowledge about health and prevention in a rigorous and organized way with the general population.
  • Empower patients so that they are able to make the best informed decisions at all times about their health. 
  • Become an international leader in excellence and prestige.  

We began an ongoing direct relationship with Hospital Clínic to create an informative platform on the subject of prevention and illness in order to achieve the above objectives.  

We had several goals:

  • Gain notoriety and authority through quality information offered by a prestigious entity.
  • Create a platform that would be appropriate, convenient and  accessible for any user.
  • Simplify information previously reserved for academic contexts, making it available to the general public in a rigorous yet easy to understand format. 
  • Incorporate an Agile project management methodology, normally associated with the latest startup companies rather than centuries-old institutions, to add continuous value and meet strict deadlines.

The platform needed to be a useful tool for the end user, designed to offer the best client experience to medical professionals, patients and families. All decisions were made bearing this in mind.

We worked on conceptualization, information architecture, visual design, interactive design, User Experience, technology development, analysis design and implementation and SEO strategy for the digital platform to achieve the defined objectives with continuous working product deliveries to the client for their evaluation based on the MVP definition of a walking skeleton, with the timetable organized into a finite number of sprints in order to deliver a working product within the specified timeframe

In order to simplify access to the information, we structured the content and information architecture using three categories: Diseases, Tests and Procedures, and a section entitled Be Healthy which dealt with prevention.

All functions and content were tested on 26 actual patients and family members who were not familiar with the project, which allowed us to gather qualitative feedback and ultimately led to the improvement of several of the original functions. Patient video testimonials were added to increase understanding of illnesses by providing first person accounts.

The result is a digital platform which, since its launch, has offered health content on illnesses, tests, procedures and prevention created by over 200 medical professionals and nurses from Hospital Clínic and with the collaboration of 62 patients who gave first person testimonies.

PortalCLÍNIC is appropriate for all users and meets the AA level of accessibility criteria.

The platform continues to improve with new, indexable content in 3 languages. In order to continue to improve the client experience, we added a function that permits the user to give feedback on the information on every page as well as the option to subscribe to content on each illness to receive the latest updates.

As Dr. Josep M. Capistol, General Director of Hospital Clínic explained in his presentation to the press: “PortalCLÍNIC is a tool that was inspired by the vocation to share the knowledge of our professionals with the public and to keep it alive through updates and the constant incorporation of new content. For this reason, for us it is important to create interactions with patients and the general public. When a patient is informed, confusion is reduced, the psychological effects of pathologies are lessened, healthy practices increase and treatments are followed better, which leads to better health results. Our duty is to help them manage their concerns with reliable information.

PortalCLÍNIC received the award for the Best Communicative Action granted by the Association of Journalists of Catalonia in October 2018. The best recognition of a job well done.

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