Technology and Innovation

We turn ideas into functional and robust solutions

Technology is the base from which we implement our strategies and innovate the experience of our clients

We have a stable technological core and we integrate and develop our own in-house tools and solutions. Our team of engineers and designers work side-by-side with analysts, ideas people, designers and usability experts to create multiplatform experiences through scalable, flexible and robust technologies. 

Our work philosophy is based on XP (Extreme Programming) methodology. We focus on Test-Driven Development and our architecture is based on SOLID principles, always striving towards high cohesion and low coupling. We are fans of Uncle Bob and his Clean Code and we are active members of the Agile BarcelonaSonata, Symfony and Drupal communities, where we share experiences of continuous improvement and passion for computer programming with enthusiastic developers.

We monitor the innovation landscape and connect large companies with the start-up scene. Technological innovation allows us to take advantage of any opportunity in the digital medium

Everything is possible and we love the challenge.

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