Club Familias (Families’ Club); personalised content to look after the health of young and old alike

Laboratorios Ordesa

Laboratorios Ordesa is a Spanish family business which has specialised in infant food and nutrition for over 75 years. It has been a pioneer in bringing innovative products to the Spanish market, such as the first hydrolysed or gluten-free baby food, while also supplying supplements for women’s wellbeing and nutritional supplements for the elderly resulting from its ongoing commitment to innovation and research.

The company was looking to reposition its Club de Padres, a medically-endorsed content portal on childcare, to make it more inclusive, i.e. to cater for all types of families and all members of the family including the senior target. It also sought to raise the profile of its content, expand its database and streamline its CRM strategy to achieve a higher customer loyalty rate.

The (new) adventure of growing together

Our marketing strategy was based on redefining the brand’s digital identity, starting with the rebranding of Club de padres portal. We proposed a new naming for the platform, Club familias (Families Club); we defined a new claim that would transmit inclusion, trust and approachability: “the adventure of growing together”; and we collaborated with the illustrator Sara Mengual for the creation of a series of characters that would transmit the values ​​of the brand with an actual, visual and distinctive language.

To build on the large community of users who visit the website, we devised personalised content which would bring added value to customers at each stage of their journey. We set up a section of personalised product samples to be chosen on the strength of each family’s needs and which had not previously been handled centrally. This new system also includes email alerts reminding the user of the availability of samples.

Proactive one-to-one communication

To attract registrations from women who are pregnant or have just had a baby, we produced two guides containing in-depth information, infographics and illustrations to walk them through the whole process. The Guía del embarazo (Pregnancy Guide) and the Guía del primer año (First Year Guide), each featuring 50 articles, set out the biggest changes experienced by the mother-to-be and the various stages of the baby’s development.

As for our content strategy, we produced a significant number of posts per month related to the real-time interests of users identified through keyword research. In other words, content was written drawing on keywords or search terms which are relevant to the user and therefore to the business. We also put in place Hubspot to automate and personalise communications.

Join and share!

Since we relaunched the Club Familias, the number of visits has soared by more than 100%. Plus users share the content much more, mainly via apps such as WhatsApp where their recommendations make them into micro-influencers, and additionally on social media sites including Pinterest, thereby showing the quality of both the content and also the artwork fashioned by Sara Mengual.

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