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For a long time, the best coffee depended on complex espresso machines. Until, in 1986, the innovative spirit of Nespresso led them to develop a pioneering system based on a simple idea: that with the push of a button, everyone could enjoy the perfect cup of espresso coffee, just like a barista would. This is how the first Nespresso machine was born, along with four iconic Nespresso varieties.

Nespresso Spain needed to partner with an agency which had extensive experience in the email marketing channel so they could outsource the production of Nespresso Spain’s newsletters following the design and style guidelines set by the Swiss head office. Another of the project’s challenges was to work with flexibility and agility. This meant a work system had to be put in place which minimised errors and cut down on the time required to review and make changes.

Ad hoc processes and tools

At Runroom we have undertaken numerous email-intensive projects with tight deadlines and high frequency. We knew that with Nespresso it would be essential to design and implement specific processes and tools which would provide a firewall against potential human error and enable us to fast-track production to assure time-to-market.

To expedite the production process, we created multiple templates and centralised the work to enable the content team to edit the copy and review and validate it more accurately. Once validated, we automatically imported the content into the HTML using a proprietary search engine to avoid any errors by the layout designers.

For Runroom it was essential to imbue the project with a customer-centric approach emphasising usability and deliverability. That's why we integrate validation with Litmus, a tool which allows us to test all the HTML and check if it is displayed properly in the various email managers prior to delivery.

In this project, agility was key, so each stage of the process had to be streamlined. For example, for the customer validation stage we built a customised tool that meant we could quickly display all the content already laid out along with each of the workings and their desktop and mobile versions.

Result: volume and quality on time

Right from when we took on this project, we also took on the enormous challenge of devising a coordination, management, adaptation and production system which was fully personalised and tailored to Nespresso Spain’s specific needs.

With no margin for error, at Runroom we implemented this production system by bundling processes and tools to generate a huge volume of HTML while always meeting the agreed delivery dates and ensuring the utmost quality of each asset, with deliveries of between 27 and 40 monthly newsletters, reaching a total of 320 newsletters throughout 2022.

To round off our services, we helped the Nespresso team to identify the hottest trends in newsletters, constantly seeking to strike a balance between innovation and deliverability.

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