Continuous discovery in Digital Product Continuous discovery in Digital Product

Continuous discovery in Digital Product

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Do you know what continuous discovery is and what can be achieved through the application of this methodology? Below, we define this concept and provide you with the keys to understand, apply it, and foster a shift from a project-based mindset to a mindset of continuous improvement.

What is Continuous Research?

It is a methodology based on proactive research by the team that is developing a product. In this way, valuable information is collected and regularly incorporated into the process to better understand the needs and desires of users.

What is the goal of continuous discovery?

On one hand, it allows discovering new opportunities based on the needs of our customers and/or users, and, on the other hand, it serves to evaluate the outcome of an implemented solution.

Examples of goals for teams working with continuous discovery:

  • Gain regular insights into the behavior, needs, and desires of our users to stay one step ahead of tomorrow.
  • Better understand users to design and develop products that effectively and intuitively meet their needs.
  • Track the impact of the improvements and new features we are implementing and be proactive in iterating our product.

What is the recommended pace for continuous research?

The frequency of activities can be adapted according to the company/team's context/scope. The idea is to iterate with small improvements according to our needs.

Which roles participate?

Continuous discovery fits perfectly with what is known as the Product Trio, a structure in which product, design, and development profiles cooperate jointly to make it easier to identify whether what is being worked on is viable, aligned with the business, feasible, and useful for users.

What can be achieved through the coordinated work of the Product Trio?

In addition to sharing all knowledge and constantly exchanging their different points of view, the following benefits can be obtained:

  • An end-to-end process, from discovery to delivery.

  • Shared leadership among the three profiles, each from their own discipline.

  • Speaking the same language, that of the business, which guides discussions and decision-making.

  • Sharing responsibility for any problem being resolved.

Source: Product Trio: The Perfect Triumvirate

How is continuous research carried out?

Continuous discovery requires regular research rituals to better understand users and implement viable, feasible, and desirable solutions, as well as to track desired business and product outcomes.


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