Be Customer Centric: the pharmaceutical company at the center of the strategy

Boehringer Ingelheim

The Boehringer Ingelheim Group is one of the 20 leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. We had a clear challenge: to define their digital strategy from a Customer Centric approach. The aim is for pharmacists to perceive Boehringer Ingelheim as an ally. In the first phase we reviewed the usability and conversion of the online sales platform "With you in your pharmacy", where we sought to put the pharmacist at the center of development to make it the flagship of the pharmaceutical world. 

To do this, we identified the top clients and classified them, which allowed us to create a more personalized strategy aimed at each of the profiles, as well as solving their needs on the platform.

We worked together with the Boehringer Ingelheim team to define the different user archetypes  to better understand their behaviors and motivations. In the process of qualitative research, carried out at a national level, we prioritized 3 key archetypes We were able to identify opportunities on the web platform and in the user experience.

Based on the results and insights obtained, we were able to launch a second project that consisted of the production of an e-learning platform that allows pharmacists to have a simple and easy to use space where they can find useful information to continue their education through small capsules on the online channel.

Our research process is based on a few key principles:

  1. People first: We put people first, with a customer-centric focus in order to do an in-depth analysis of the real, specific needs and frustrations of each user. 

  2. Real data: We’re working with real people to reflect their patterns of use, which we map on user journeys with specific touchpoints for each archetype. The global analysis of the journey allows us to detect opportunities for improvement in the Customer Experience and to explore new uses.  

  3. Test and Iteration: Based on this information, we conceive, design, test, and iterate solutions to improve this experience.

  4. Hollistic vision: Having a multidisciplinary team made up of consultants, developers, designers, and marketers allows us to address all touchpoints of the experience, obtaining more complex and complete maps.

  5. Agility: Being capable of innovating at an early stage of the journey and responding to context changes or behavior analyses quickly and efficiently, thanks to iterative methodology based on continuous improvement, and on early delivery and frequent value.

We created a trend report for the pharmacy sector that is patient-centered, a reference document for Boehringer when it comes to helping pharmacists increase their sales and build customer loyalty. The prioritization of user archetypes has enabled the design and implementation of more personalized marketing and content strategies aimed at the top consumer personas. 

One of the actions that was initiated based on the conclusions of our research was the creation of an e-learning platform exclusively for pharmacists, obtaining key benefits for the client and the user, as the main pillar of the strategy.

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