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The main task of the project was to design and develop a new service inspired by the "prime" model for the brand's customers, with the aim of enhancing their experience and loyalty. 

Additionally, a similarly significant secondary objective was set: to transfer our processes and work methodologies to the internal product design team to boost innovation and efficiency in their future projects.

On the Path to Excellence, several challenges arose that we were able to overcome thanks to the flexibility provided by an agile working structure.

The main challenge lay in creating a "prime" subscription service that not only added tangible value to the brand's customers but also aligned with their vision and values centered around sports and well-being. Simultaneously, we had to facilitate the adoption of our design methodologies and agile work to empower the internal team and foster ongoing collaboration.

Value Contribution

Beyond simply designing a service, our commitment was to become the architects of innovation, building a bridge between the client team's vision and the integrated Runroom Product Team's expertise. In this regard, we contributed value in different areas:

Redefinition of Business Needs:

We began with Design Thinking workshops that allowed us to deeply understand the needs and expectations of end customers. This redefinition of business needs was essential to ensure that the new Prime service perfectly adapted to market demands.

Ideation, Prototyping, and Solution Validation:

Through an iterative ideation and prototyping process, we developed different versions of the Prime service. Each prototype was validated with representative user groups, allowing us to adjust and refine the solution until achieving a final product that optimally met the needs and desires of customers.

Branding and Brand Definition:

Through workshops and conversations with stakeholders and users, we defined the brand and name of the new service. This ensured that the value proposition and visual identity aligned with the parent brand, creating a consistent and recognizable experience for users.


Transfer of Agile Culture:

During the design and development process, we shared our agile practices with the internal team. This not only improved their internal processes but also fostered closer collaboration between our teams and in other projects we are jointly developing.

Focus on User Needs:

From the outset to the final implementation, we maintained a constant focus on analyzing and understanding the needs and expectations of the brand's customers. This ensured that every design decision was backed by empathy and a deep understanding of users.

Methodologies and Organizational Culture

At Runroom, we work in an agile manner, focusing on flexibility, adaptability, and continuous value delivery. By integrating with the client's internal product team, we successfully transferred our perspective and approach, which they enthusiastically adopted. Additionally, we implemented various work dynamics that allowed us to creatively and effectively tackle challenges, fostering smooth communication and effective problem resolution.

From the conceptualization of this experience, the focus was on understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of users, addressing emotions and points of uncertainty throughout the funnel.

The agile working methodology and collaboration between teams translated into efficiency and quality. Moreover, flexibility, adaptability, and continuous value delivery were crucial for successfully addressing the challenges of this project.

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