Web Iteration and interlinking for SEO improvement in the retail sector

International Supermarket Chain


As a starting point, we had a blog rich in relevant content, designed to attract traffic and increase the permanence of users on their website. However, the structure and presentation of this content was not generating the expected SEO benefits, so we got to work and conducted an audit to identify the critical points to optimize at the level of web structure, performance and SEO tagging. Following the audit, the necessary optimizations were carried out to make the website a more user-friendly platform for both users and Google crawlers and other search engines. 

We then held a workshop together with the client's digital marketing team, with the aim of rethinking the themes of the blog, which would serve as the basis for the content strategy to be developed. From this workshop came the 4 brand territories we were going to focus on: Ideas, Lifestyle, In Family and Home.

In a second phase, Recipes territory was incorporated into the SEO strategy. This territory was already present on the client's website but in the first phase it was not incorporated into the SEO strategy due to what its main focus was Social Media. From this moment on, recipes were chosen based on criteria of maximizing organic traffic, taking into account the number of searches and the level of competition on Google and Youtube pages. Once we had chosen the recipes to work on, they were written in an optimized way to position us in strategic keywords for the brand.

By managing both recipes and the rest of the brand territories present on the blog, we were able to implement a unified strategy to increase the possibilities of creating internal links, improving the navigability of the web and the transfer of authority between the different pages. In other words, the key was to create synergies between different areas of interest and maximize opportunities for internal linking.


We use agile methodologies to effectively manage our work, relying on tools like Sistrix, Google Search Console, and Looker Studio to analyze visibility and organic traffic, as well as to provide detailed reports on tracking key SEO KPIs.

Key Challenges:

By iterating the web structure to make it more SEO friendly, we solved complex technical challenges aggravated by the use of a client's own CMS that presented certain limitations. We were also aware of the strong competition in Google's top positions in keywords relevant to the recipe industry. Finally, collaborating with the social media team, whose first priority was not SEO, represented a challenge that we successfully overcame by shifting the importance of focusing on content to search engine optimization and achieving results that were both effective for SEO and appealing to users on RRSS. 

As a result, together with the client's communications team, we established and implemented a solid strategy that set the course for the success of the project, providing a clear vision for the future. Thanks to the close collaboration with our clients and having provided a strategic approach to the challenge posed to us, we achieved significant growth in the acquisition of organic traffic, consolidating our position as one of the main players in the food and recipes sector.


Thanks to a strategic mix of content on the corporate blog and YouTube, along with a strong internal linking strategy, our client experienced a noticeable improvement in organic traffic capture.

In just over two and a half years, we managed to reach a figure of 140,000 clicks per month from Google's results pages using strategic keywords for the client. 

This success is reflected both in Sistrix's Organic Visibility Index, which shows a domain's ability to attract organic traffic, and in the volume of clicks and impressions reported by the Google Search Console tool.

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