Making life easier: 360º development for pension scheme leaders

Sector Financiero

In-depth analysis is always critical to understanding a user: we had to put ourselves in their shoes and track their online journey and experience. What keywords do they use? Where do they use them? And how can we ensure we are the first thing to crop up in their search?

On top of an enhanced user experience, we backed up the SEO strategy with paid and owned media to extend the brand’s reach and positioning, a must-have in today’s digital landscape.

The results were outstanding. Not only did we halt the decline in organic visibility but we also got it back up to the highest point in the company’s SEO history. Barely six months later, we have set a new record for the number of organic website visits.

After halting the fall in organic visibility, we were able to beat the record high for the company in its SEO history.

We believe in building robust relationships with our customers and continue to work closely with the Communications and Brand team at this leading pension scheme supplier, providing them with everything from consultancy, management and analysis to audiovisual campaigns and promotions. And we can do that because our online reputation analysis enables us to see the impact of our actions and unlock new opportunities.

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