El Meu Clínic: a step further in the improvement of the patient experience.

Hospital Clínic

The Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, with over 100 years of history, is a national and international leading institution in research, healthcare and teaching that has almost 5,000 workers and covers practically all medical specialties. 

In their pursuit of excellence, they have the determination to empower their patients, actively involving them in the management of their own health. For this reason, during the development of Hospital Clínic digital platform we identified the importance of creating a tool that would go one step further in empowering the patient in its communications appointments and visits. 

The challenge? To create an usable, open and scalable digital product, capable of responding to the needs of patients. This is how El meu Clínic, the hospital's private patient area, was born.

El meu Clínic was born from an ideation process in which healthcare professionals and patients participated, where, from a perspective focused on the patient, the main problems and opportunities that we had to approach in the digital environment were identified.

This product could not be approached as an isolated project, but required an iterative approach that would allow the growth and continuous improvement of its functionalities. How? By ensuring through feedback and user tests that each service offered had a solid foundation and made sense to both patients and professionals. Therefore, since its implementation El meu Clínic has not stopped growing and adding new services and possibilities.

The first service that the users could access was the consultation of all the information related to their appointments in the hospital, including the prescriptions and the dosages indicated at each visit. In addition to this, the option of making virtual appointments with their doctors, the possibility of managing their appointments, both in person and virtually, and the processing of patient discharges were added. All this has led to a great cultural and organizational transformation within the institution and perfect synchronization between the online and offline spheres.

Today, we are continuing to work on the development of different functionalities, always testing and analyzing the needs and issues that patients encounter in their relationship with the hospital, in order to propose effective solutions and ensure the success of each service launched.

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