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Hospital Clínic

We began an ongoing direct relationship with the health Institution to soak up their reality and understand the vision of their patients, incorporating an Agile methodology to deliver value continuously and meet the deadline set.

We had several goals: gain notoriety and authority through quality information offered by a prestigious entity; create a platform that would be appropriate, convenient and accessible for any user; simplify information previously reserved for academic contexts, making it available to the general public in a rigorous yet easy to understand format; position Hospital Clínic as an international leader in excellence and prestige.

The website received the Avedis Donabedian Quality Award as the Best Website of a Health or Social Institution of 2019

We work to create a useful health and prevention tool for the user, designed to offer the best customer experience to medical professionals, patients and family members. We put the focus on the patients, on their needs, testing the platform with real users, gathering qualitative feedback and ultimately led to the improvement of several of the original functions.

The result is a digital platform for assistance and information on health, diseases, tests, procedures and prevention which offers contents created by over 200 medical professionals from Hospital Clínic and with the collaboration of more than 60 patients who explain their experience, appropriate for any user and that meets the AA level of accessibility criteria.

PortalCLÍNIC was awarded for the Best Communicative Action by the Association of Journalists of Catalonia in October 2018.

After a year since its launch, the platform has gone from 195,000 visits in its first month to over one and a half million in February 2019. In this time, it has grown to include 90 contents and 300 videos.

Sobre el proyecto de transformación digital de Hospital Clínic puedes leer la entrevista a Germán Rodríguez, Project Manager en el área de Dirección de Estrategia y Planificación del Hospital Clínic

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