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Clínica Oftalmológica Barraquer

Since 1941 the Barraquer Clinic has been offering comprehensive ophthalmological care to patients from all over the world thanks to a medical team made up of more than 30 highly specialised ophthalmologists of recognised professional prestige. 

Despite our expertise in the health sector, this project was a great challenge for Runroom: we had to transfer the quality and leadership of an internationally-renowned clinic such as Barraquer to the online environment.

We started our work with an internal research process, which is essential in all our projects where the human is at the center of the process. The goals are to identify and map Barraquer’s Personas and to align the business objectives which are to promote internationalization, capture leads and transmit the values and prestige of the institution.

The patient-centric approach allowed us to go deeper into each of the main Personas to detect real needs and frustrations of patients or users of the digital platform as well as to detect opportunities in the online environment.

A multi-device design, which focuses on performance and user experience with an iconographic system of exquisite and rigorous illustrations made by the team as its foundation, guarantees the achievement of the objectives and the understanding of the content.

We are responsible for the design of a strategy for Performance Media campaigns focused on leads capture.

To guarantee the efficiency of the marketing and sales strategy, we implemented and integrated a new CRM. In addition, we integrated all the data entry points with the CRM to automate operational processes, as well as to provide better customer service through automation systems. 

Based on a simple information architecture and oriented to user intents we were able to increase lead conversions by 20% in a short time.

A very complete project that quickly positioned Barraquer as a leader in the digital field, significantly improving business generated through the online channel.

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