The invisible interface: Alexa reads

Runroom I+D

We realised there was a way to make it easier to enjoy receiving daily news from one of our favourite news sources. We needed to create a new skill for Something useful for us and for everyone else.

Our research began with user experience and Amazon skill development, including skills developed for feed reader, RSS and news, and of course, advances in voice assistant technology, Voice User Experience and Voice User Interface – the invisible interface.

By using text-to-speech (TTS) and audio streams you can respond to customer queries – this gives you the ability to speak to your devices and have them understand and act upon whatever you’re asking them. One challenge in customer and user experience is whether we ask Alexa to “turn the page” or do we say “next page, please” or simply “next”?

The natural language process has set the stage for a revolution in how we interact with tech, to get more done, faster, easier and by more people. This was a crucial factor when developing the skill.

We developed “the question without fear”, meaning that key synonyms are configured for recognition, allowing users to find and listen to their preferred content with ease.

The final product, the Alexa Skill for, includes the option of choosing which category you want to hear from, with an additional function allowing you to add the news that interests you the most to your wake up routine. Moreover, the user has the option of asking for updated cover news.

Para más información sobre la interfaz invisible, escucha este episodio del podcast de Carlos Iglesias, CEO de Runroom: 

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