Brand awareness for optical retail leaders


ROI oriented Marketing Digital Strategy

From the beginning, our objective with +Visión has been to strengthen the brand's digital presence in order to promote brand awareness and product sales.

To achieve this, after an initial audit, we designed a digital strategy aimed at ROI which consists of increasing community and engagement in the brand's online channels, reducing the costs of acquiring leads and orienting campaigns towards  viewing on mobile terminals, based on a mobile first approach.

Our main challenge was to prioritize the customer and user experience in all actions carried out and measure the results of our actions based on actionable metrics that allow us to apply an iterative methodology of continuous improvement.

The challenge we faced was to increase the acquisition of new users of +Visión campaigns while decreasing their monthly acquisition cost. To do this, we carried out an extensive audit to define business objectives and eliminate the "last click" attribution model.

We worked with automation technology through Google dynamic search ads (DSA) allowing us to hyper-segment new users looking for products related to the extensive inventory that +Visión has on their website. 

Runroom has helped +Visión improve their user attraction campaigns by capturing high-quality traffic, increasing their conversion rate and exponentially growing their ROI. 

Thanks to the automation and customization of the ads we were able to increase the CTR by 86%. In just 4 months, we improved conversion by 450% compared to the results for the whole of 2018. This allowed us to reduce CPL by 97% and improve ROI by 1850%.

We also took the reins of the inbound marketing strategy, with the management of their social networks, email marketing campaigns and content-based SEO strategy. As part of the challenge to improve their digital presence, we worked on increasing their organic visibility, brand positioning, community growth and engagement. In this case, we not only focused on +Visión, but also on Solaris, a chain specializing in sunglasses.

The organic visibility index experienced a remarkable growth from the moment we started working on our content strategy. In just one year, thanks to the content strategy developed on +Visión's blog, we managed to increase organic visibility by 150%, organic traffic by almost 60% and the number of keywords positioned in the top 10 and 100 by more than 100%.

In order to automate and personalize each of the communications that +Visión users receive by email as much as possible, we created an email strategy adapted to the life cycle of each customer, to their type of purchase, age and preferences. The purpose of this action was to get to know the audience better, to build loyalty by offering relevant content at each stage of the life cycle, to encourage purchase in a given period and to promote cross-selling.

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