Digital Attraction Strategy for the leaders of the future


ESADE, one of the world’s leading business schools, came to Runroom with a clearly defined need: to integrate its recruitment campaigns through a sole provider in order to improve their results and convert the digital channel into the main channel of attraction.

Since 2011, we have been helping ESADE to attract national and international students through an innovative Performance Media strategy that has earned two nominations to the EMEA Google Premier Awards in the Search and Video Innovation categories. We are also ESADE’s partner in Analytics, SEO, UX consultancy and in the creation of digital channels and experiences.

We set to work in collaboration with Firma, the ESADE branding agency, to gain in-depth knowledge of the institute, its reality as a training and innovation environment and its target audience so that we could draw up a Search strategy that would lead to a sustainable improvement in conversion rates.

By constantly optimising both the campaigns and the usability of the recruitment channels, based on real-time data analysis, we were able to achieve the objectives set by the client: to increase the conversation rate and optimise the cost per acquisition at a rate that of double digits annually.

An Awards strategy

The Performance Media strategy for ESADE was selected for two consecutive years in the shortlist of the prestigious Google Premier Partner Awards, in 2017 in the category of Innovation in Search Campaigns, as the only Spanish company in this category, and in 2018 in the category Video Innovation

After many projects developed jointly, we have forged a good relationship based on professionalism and trust, and we share one value above all others: prioritising our people as the greatest asset of both companies.

This relationship has led the marketing department of ESADE to entrust us with consultancy services for their organisational change, a large-scale project that we are very excited about, and the creation of the digital platforms for the institution and for different business units.

Para profundizar en la experiencia de transformación digital de ESADE, puedes leer la entrevista a Julio Villalobos, Corporate Director & Chief Digital Officer at ESADE Business & Law School.

Puedes conocer nuestra experiencia en los Google Premier Partner Awards en este artículo.

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