From a local hospital to a worldwide care service

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Founded in 1867, the hospital centre needed to update its online presence by offering a care service to its patients via a new website, to convey the values that it has treasured since its foundation: hospitality, quality, respect, responsibility and spirituality. At the same time, its main objective was to internationalise its services, by crossing linguistic and cultural boundaries, so it could offer medical advances in maternal and paediatric care to those countries which do not currently have cutting-edge resources and infrastructure in that sector. In addition, it wanted to thereby increase its turnover and market share by reaching new communities and new countries. 

The task involved various challenges that inspired us:

  • to gain an in-depth knowledge of the centre’s realities from all perspectives and all involved parties;
  • to classify and align the knowledge and requirements of the more than 1,800 professionals working at the centre;
  • to organise the complex structural model of the care units;
  • to oversee the digital transformation of an organisation that forms part of the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios, which has been striving to keep its principles and values alive since 1500.


With the We Question Our Project team, we established a framework to integrate its Design Service services with the patient-centric strategy and digital development services offered by Runroom. We work with patients, families, doctors, nurses, assistants, administrators, managers, ... to detect real needs and translate solutions into the new digital platform.

Thanks to Agile incremental iterative work processes we are able to guarantee the continuous deliveries of the most important functionalities for the client with the aim of launching the platform within the indicated deadlines and constantly continuing to implement new functionalities.

It is a really brilliant and fulfilling project which has allowed us to learn about a maternity and children’s hospital centre from within, and to delve into its essence covering a wide range of emotional aspects, from highly intense situations to the most magical scenarios, like the passionate pursuits of the “Hospital Amic” programme volunteers or the spatial resonance room.

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