Narrative and digital presence for excellence in Premium kitchen


Since it was founded in 1949, bulthaup has been committed to quality and perfection in all its designs, developing innovative and aesthetic products and continually seeking responses and solutions to people's needs.

Since we began working with bulthaup, our aim has been to raise the brand's profile and increase its digital presence in the bulthaup Iberia market: Spain, Andorra and Portugal, with a strategy that would enhance its values and image while bringing it closer to its target audience and main distributors. To do this, we developed a customer centric approach that consisted of using research to precisely define their main customer archetypes in order to offer them personalized content according to their wishes and needs.

The fieldwork and archetype design that we carried out when we started working with bulthaup enabled us to develop a digital strategy aimed at its target audience and with content that is relevant to them. The result is embodied in a new narrative in all online communication channels: blog, social networks, newsletter and performance media campaigns, with the aim of improving positioning, gaining awareness and building a dedicated, participative community around the brand that shares the same values and passion for excellence in design and architecture.

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