Esade Business Agility programme by Runroom

Esade Executive Education

The technological revolution and its breathtaking speed of change mean that we are now facing the most disruptive era in the history of humankind, also dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution. New times call for strategic vision and the ability to adapt to change at the right time and at the right pace.

To meet this challenge, Esade Executive Education’s Business Agility programme teaches managers in all industries how to spearhead their companies’ transformation spanning three key areas:

  • People: value delivery alignment.
  • Processes: learning and adaptation.
  • Business: identifying innovation opportunities.

Led by Carlos Iglesias, CEO of Runroom, and mentored by Fran López, Head of Operations at Runroom, the training is designed to strike a balance between theoretical material and practical activities so that the learning is applicable to each student’s real world strategic and operational situation.

Drawing on Learning By Doing methodology, the programme blends synchronous online classes, face-to-face classes, practical exercises, guided discussion forums and case studies of large enterprises with an agile mindset in their innovation portfolios. Depending on the goals to be achieved, it can be taken alone or as part of the Certificate in Business Innovation, which is also led by Carlos Iglesias.

The valuable takeaways from the programme include reshaping organisational structure through cross-functionality to break down departmental silos, aligning value delivery by taking a customer-centric approach and driving a culture anchored in continuous improvement which identifies levers and barriers. That means over ten years of Runroom’s expertise in Business Agility packed into eight weeks.

The long-standing partnership and trust between Runroom and Esade coupled with Carlos Iglesias’s background in agility have resulted in a best-in-class intensive programme which furnishes COOs, CEOs, digital transformation leaders in companies and business managers seeking to bring in agile management best practices with key insights into how to excel in change management.

What we mean by agility in general, Business Agility in particular, search and execution, Cost of Delay and Customer Centricity are just some of the issues that Carlos Iglesias and Jaume Jornet (Lean Kanban & Agile Coach) discuss in the Realworld podcast episode “Business Agility, the answer to change in organisations”. Check it out here to round off the picture!

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