Optimization of FNAC Spain’s Voice of the Customer Program


Fnac is a French company that is part of Groupe Fnac Darty, specializing in the sale and distribution of cultural, technological and entertainment products. FNAC Spain stands out for its commitment to innovation and quality in customer service. 

Something that we fully identify with FNAC is the focus on continuous improvement. FNAC always strives to exceed the expectations of its consumers through unique shopping experiences in both physical and online stores.

In assuming responsibility for the Customer Experience (CX) area at FNAC, Pauline Peccatte faced the challenge of revitalizing and optimizing the customer engagement strategy. To this end, he commissioned us to conduct an exhaustive audit of the satisfaction surveys currently implemented. This audit sought to assess the effectiveness of surveys and identify improvements that would align operations with industry best practices.

In this context, we began our collaboration with FNAC by conducting a thorough analysis of the two existing surveys in its current Voice of the Customer listening program.


As a team committed to customer experience excellence, we approach every key component of the VoC program meticulously:

  • Personalization of invitation emails: We reviewed the writing, design, and calls to action to maximize the open rate (OR) and turnout (CTR) of the survey.
  • Survey refinement: We evaluate each question to ensure clarity and relevance and capture the relevant information that FNAC really needs to understand the customer experience. 
  • Optimization of Shipping Rules: We analyze criteria and frequency to ensure effective reach without saturating customers.
  • Revision of KPIs: We measure the effectiveness of the program with indicators such as the open rate, CTR, completion rate and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to focus the analysis on the really relevant metrics.


Applying the best practices accumulated over more than five years of designing and implementing customer voice listening (VoC) programs in different industries, together with the insights identified through the realization of an exhaustive benchmark of VoC programs in the retail sector with a particular focus on FNAC's direct competition in Spain, we were able to identify key areas for improvement of the program.

This work allowed us to develop an actionable plan, with recommendations for specific improvements, designed to enhance each aspect of the listening program, so that it could be easily implemented by the FNAC Spain team immediately and based on its current reality, taking into account the available technological stack.

At the same time, we developed a plan for the future, which envisages expanding the VoC program to new channels and points of interaction so that FNAC can proactively adapt to emerging trends and maintain a complete and up-to-date view of its customers' experience.

This experience reflects how, through a deep understanding of the needs and goals of our customers and their users, it is possible to drive significant transformations in the customer experience strategy, ensuring that the company not only responds to the current needs of its consumers, but also anticipates and adapts to future market changes.

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