Evolving the Customer Experience at Wallbox with Medallia


In a world increasingly committed to sustainability, companies like Wallbox are leading the way to a future of smart electric mobility.  This sector has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with a growing number of consumers opting for electric mobility solutions.

One of the keys to success in an expanding market is to build a strong and sustainable relationship with your customers, continuously improving your products and adapting them to your needs. To this end, actively listening to customer feedback becomes essential in this context.

Since its foundation in Barcelona in 2015, Wallbox has demonstrated its ability to innovate and adapt to the demands of the electric vehicle and energy management market around the world.

With its customer base growing exponentially, the company recognized the importance of focusing on the customer experience to improve the quality of its products and its sales and customer service. To do this, after identifying Medallia as the core tool for their CX strategy, they chose us as their partner to migrate their customer experience program and take it to the next level.



As Partners of Medallia, our team of implementers worked closely with Wallbox’s Customer Experience and IT team to understand their internal processes and bring added value to their customer voice program through consulting actions and a thorough audit of their existing surveys, analyzed KPIs and analysis of information through reports, beyond migration.

Medallia is a system that adapts very efficiently to the needs of an organization like Wallbox, which follows a continuous improvement strategy based on the opinions of its customers about its products. As part of the migration, we implemented very key functionalities for this company, such as Text Analytics, which allows the analysis of unstructured data based on customer feedback.


We faced 3 main implementation challenges:

  1. The broad dimension of the Wallbox Customer Voice program: Consisting of three surveys impacting Wallbox customers in more than 136 countries and delivered in more than 11 languages. 
  2. Tight time to market: Always with the focus on delivering value early, we sequenced the migration of the surveys and their data so that in less than 3 months we had already managed to launch the first survey and completed the base integration in Medallia.
  3. Generate actionable reporting: Based on the needs of a constantly evolving and growing company: Always prioritizing the quality of reporting versus the amount of data processed, with a very high importance of NPS, a key metric for Wallbox.


Once the implementation was up and running, the next step was to deploy it to Wallbox at different levels of the organization. We conducted several train-the-trainer trainings, empowering the people responsible for Wallbox's customer experience department to train the different roles of the company in the daily use of the tool and the management of its main functionalities.

The result was almost immediate, as Wallbox gave us very good feedback on the high degree of customization achieved in the implementation as soon as we started using it in their day to day. They managed to improve the efficiency of their client listening through a clear and actionable reporting system and an innovative text analysis system that allows them to make strategic decisions based on the best source of information they can have: their own clients.

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