Product Team as a Service: efficiency and positive impact on UX and business


Holaluz is a Spanish company committed to the energy transition and the use of renewable energies to protect the planet. By customizing tariffs and offering a new energy model, Holaluz has successfully met its customers' needs and expanded in the market. In a previous project, we collaborated with Holaluz in analyzing and identifying opportunities in their Customer Journey, focusing on post-sales service and the onboarding process for new customers. This collaboration resulted in an actionable roadmap with numerous ideas to enhance the user experience.

Processes and Challenges

The implementation of the Product Team as a Service required a learning curve and adaptation to Holaluz's product and company. Runroom's multidisciplinary team, consisting of a Product Owner, designer, front-end, and back-end developers, worked autonomously but seamlessly integrated into Holaluz's processes and structure. Throughout the process, we conducted Continuous Discovery to uncover new needs and enhance the proposed solutions. This allowed us to analyze the user funnel in-depth and ensure that our solutions aligned with their specific requirements.


The implementation of Product Team as a Service at Holaluz had tangible and measurable impacts on the onboarding process and team performance. Some of the notable results include:

  1. Reduced implementation time for initiatives: Thanks to the team's efficiency and value delivery capabilities, there was a significant reduction in the time required to implement new initiatives.

  2. Conducted research and testing: A substantial number of user interviews and guerrilla tests were conducted to gather relevant and valuable insights for the continuous improvement of the onboarding process.

  3. Perceived high-quality delivery: Runroom's team demonstrated a high level of competence and quality in delivering solutions, fostering trust and satisfaction at Holaluz.

  4. Cultural fit and transfer of best practices: The close collaboration between Runroom and Holaluz facilitated the transfer of knowledge and best practices, strengthening the relationship and enhancing overall team performance.

In addition to these Product Team as a Service-related results, notable business achievements were also obtained, including:

  •  Improved overall onboarding experience.
  • 30% reduction in activation time for new customers.
  • 50% decrease in rejections during the enrollment process.
  • Reduction in operational costs for the onboarding process.

The implemented Product Team as a Service approach at Holaluz proved to be effective in achieving the defined results, surpassing expectations. Close collaboration, continuous discovery, and knowledge transfer led to tangible and beneficial outcomes for both users and the business.

We are proud to have been part of this project and to have contributed to the growth and success of Holaluz in their mission to create a greener planet.

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