Cross-functional Product Team for a transformative experience


Present in 42 countries with around 8,000 employees, Edenred builds networks of trust between companies, employees, and businesses to drive solutions that motivate, enhance team well-being, and, in turn, help companies become more effective and attractive. The products managed by Edenred are social benefits or non-monetary improvements that complement employees' salaries, such as meal vouchers, daycare vouchers, or transportation vouchers, among many other products.

Edenred focuses on people from a technological perspective, which is why the company is deeply involved in a continuous digital transformation to stay ahead of the future and provide innovative value solutions to freelancers, small, medium, and large companies, fostering a more agile, practical, social, and sustainable work environment.

This platform allows companies to manage and administer all systems of subsidies and flexible rewards for their employees, and enables employees to access and configure their constant needs. Our goal with this project has been to transform the experience of Edenred's clients and platform users to the highest level.

A cross-functional approach

We have established cross-functional teams by adopting a methodology centered on agility and collaboration among technology, design, and business roles. We work simultaneously on product conceptualization and delivery in each sprint, while iteratively building a robust design system. Our goal with the design system was to create agnostic components that can be reused in any context to gain consistency and speed.

Based on user needs, we design the user flows to build what they need the most. We utilize and scale the component system to eventually integrate the React frontend with backend APIs.

The essence of our approach lies in cross-functional teamwork, where collaboration between business, UX, UI, and technology drives our progress. By empowering collective work, we ensure that our products meet customer needs at a constant pace, sprint after sprint.

Comparing this approach to the traditional method where designs are first created based on business requirements and then handed over to the technology team for implementation, we clearly see the tremendous benefits of working simultaneously and at the same pace across all roles. Less documentation, fewer inefficiencies, fewer loops of inconsistencies and issues, and above all, higher product quality.

From user flows, we move to stories, and from there to wireframes, always co-creating. Then, within the same sprint, design and technology progress together on the same challenge.

During the sprint, we advance in each discipline with constant reviews. These reviews take place every two days, allowing us to unify our work and achieve smooth integration. By the end of the sprint, we have already implemented the frontend integrated with backend APIs using React, along with the design and business needs discovered during the same period. This cyclical process becomes the engine that drives our value creation.

Cultural change

Our vision aims to transform how we create products by advancing simultaneously to achieve higher quality products, at a faster pace, and more aligned with customer or user needs.

We have helped Edenred become faster and more efficient in product creation thanks to our working methodology,a focus on customer centricity, and an approach to continuous discovery, using testing and other tools to ensure that the steps we took were aligned with customer needs.

Plus, we assisted Edenred in reshaping the organizational model of teams and integrating different disciplines into a single team to create autonomy and purpose.

The foundation for efficient projects

We believe it was essential to highlight the value of the developed storybook and design system. Beyond creating a functional product, we generated a storybook containing all the project's components, serving as a reference for any future projects Edenred undertakes.

This storybook will serve as a foundation, both in terms of UI/UX design and React frontend components. Thanks to this approach, we can leverage previously created components and adapt them to implement new identified needs. Most of these components have already been implemented in an agnostic manner, making them easily applicable in any context. This context independence allows us to build new solutions for Edenred in an agile and efficient way, thanks to the versatility and power of this storybook and design system.

A lasting outcome

We highlight the cross-functional and agile approach adopted, which has proven to be highly effective in creating quality products and satisfying customer needs.

Edenred was determined to transform its organizational model and internal culture, moving away from a model divided into functional silos to establishing a unified product vision, where business, design, and technology aspects converge and operate at the same pace. This convergence allows for a more efficient approach to challenges, while also improving the quality and speed of delivering the final product.

The storybook and design system have become key and effective tools for the development of future projects, enabling the reuse of components and the quick adaptation of existing ones to new needs.

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