Digital Experience for IBEX 35 Real Estate Investors


I really enjoyed working with Runroom. The combination of youth/enthusiasm and efficiency/professionalism is not easy to find.

Xavier Muñoz CTO - Colonial

Colonial is the leading property agency in quality office market in the euro zone. Founded in 1946, its business model focuses on the development, renovation and exploitation of high-quality offices in prime locations. Its portfolio includes a total surface area of 870,000 m2 spread throughout the main European cities and it has a market value of 8,666 billion as an IBEX 35 company, the main stock market reference index for the Spanish market.

The client sent us a clear and urgent assignment: they needed a new digital platform reflecting the values and solvency of the company to be online for the annual presentation of the results at the general shareholders’ meeting. We had 3 months...

To ensure everything went perfectly and was completed within the established time period, we decided to form a cross-functional team fully dedicated to the project

We began to conduct research in order to familiarise ourselves with both the stock market and the real estate sector and to understand their specific characteristics. 

To do this we performed national and international benchmarking; we studied the B.O.E. (Official State Gazette) legislation in order to understand and respect the requirements and limitations of the digital channels of listed stock market companies, issued by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities Market Commission). 

The key factor in achieving the objectives within the specified time period was strict planning based on a short-sprint calendar with constant client demos and delivering value in each release. This method of working allowed us to continuously implement the feedback received with the necessary flexibility. 
The direct, close and constant interaction with Colonial’s management team was also very valuable in agreeing on each submission and advancing based on the established road map. 

And so, in December 2016, the annual presentation of results took place at the Colonial general shareholders’ meeting, and on the same day, they were also able to visit the brand new website. 


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